I am an American-born, self-published author of Chinese descent with 20+ years of experience working in Greater China. I live in Irvine, California, where my wife and I raise our 4-year-old son, Jayden, who will one day read my books to know his father and contribute to improving US-China relations one relationship at a time.

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"If you know who you're dealing with and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred negotiations."


Beginning with the first trip with my parents to Mainland China in 1983 to my first business trip to Shenzhen in 2004, I have struggled to understand my Chinese heritage within the context of my American cultural values.

My "dream girl" wife, born and raised in a 4th Tier City in Hunan Province, is an ongoing experiment in cross-cultural communications. And my 4-year-old son Jayden, born into a pandemic world divided, is an ABC (American Born Chinese) like his father, but his reality is an entirely different world.


Growing up in Atlanta, GA, my future was bright and full of opportunities. Jayden's future is uncertain, but I am optimistic that the best of humanity will find common ground with each other.

My life's mission is to create radically new forms of content, training, and advisory programs to help my fellow Americans understand HOW Chinese people think, WHY they feel the way they do, and HOW to develop more constructive communication patterns.

Armed with new insights and perspectives, those I serve will know how to navigate the complexities of Chinese business culture, form deeper Guanxi relationships, and create more constructive interaction patterns with their Chinese counterparts.


My journey into the Chinese arena began in 2004 when I disembarked a ferry boat in Shekou, Shenzhen, and entered a dystopian Shangri-la. These contradictory words are the best I can describe a bizarre yet wondrous new experience in China.

Since first stepping foot on Mainland Chinese soil for business in 2004, my life has been dedicated to helping my American and Western colleagues know what to say, how to convey our intended meaning properly, and preparing us psychologically for the rituals and circular reasoning of our Chinese counterparts.

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